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The options choices are available to view and submit on Insight

Option choices can be selected by the student using their account on .

They need to select the "General" menu and then "Options Offer".

Each student will need to select 4 choices and 1 reserve choice.

There are certain subjects that cannot be taken together, these are noted under the subject headings as well as in the Pathways Booklet.

If students wish to take Triple Science this is listed under the heading Triple Science - Biology.

Choices need to be returned by Thursday 3rd February.

Once you have decided which subjects you wish to take based on your chosen pathway please select these subjects on the Options offer within Insight. All subjects are available to all students regardless of which pathway you have chosen.

Those students opting to take either French or Spanish and Geography or History will automatically fit the criteria for the English Baccalaureate pathway

Please note :

  • There is no ‘submit’ button on Options offer within Insight. As soon as the options have been selected they save automatically.

  • If a student wishes to select the Ebacc Pathway they will be able to select 2 reserve options.

If you have any issues accessing the Options offer please contact the Insight Team on

Many thanks.